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Meet our Growth Experts

Lukas Haensch

Lukas is the dynamic force behind our courses, bringing his wealth of experience to the realms of product design, sales, business development, customer success, and business operations.

With an impressive career that includes pivotal roles at tech giants like Workday and Google, Lukas has honed his skills as a visionary leader and accomplished lead designer.

Rayco Batista

Rayco is the visionary leader steering the technical development, Artificial Intelligence, data science, network security, and finance domains at Pathmonk.

With a distinguished career in innovation, Rayco has served as a technical lead at Workday, and as a lead developer at TeamBuddy.

His expertise spans the cutting edge of technology, ensuring that our course content is crafted by someone who's been at the forefront of innovation and possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of the technical landscape.
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